QOTD 4/7/14 – Endure or Die – #CGGMM


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“Whether your prevail or fail, endure or die, depends on what you do to yourself than on what the world does to you.”

This quote, though not 100% sound, is something that I believe to be true and actionable.
In line with #Covey’s first habit, #Proactivity, these words from Collins’ illustrate that our lives are our responsibilities, that we are accountable for them.
Yes shit happens, I know, but how we react & deal with that is on us. And though unfair, there really is no use in bitching forever or blaming the world, without acting. That won’t help us move forward.
What we can do is learn as much as we can and Keep Moving Forward, to try again & try better, to use alternative routes & methods or even revaluate goals & expectations.
Whatever it is, the worse thing we can do to ourselves is to blame the world & our conditions & leave it at that, for that would be a cop out, and will prevent us from Living.
There’s nothing wrong with taking time to recover & deal with an event; scream, cry, pound on a punching bag or talk it out if need be, just express & burn out those emotions and feelings, then Keep Moving Forward.

Nothing really last forever so Repeat when needed.
If it ever it feels like the weight is getting to heavy again and you can’t take it, actively deal with it. I personally find it best to Take the time to acknowledge and deal with the feelings & emotions. I’ve felt the pain and anguish of ignoring them and thus allowing them to snowball into something much bigger and meaner, and when that comes knocking, and it always does eventually, it takes a lot more of me & longer to recover, & in some of the worse cases, pushed me closer to the edge than ever before.

Every few weeks I stumble, some harder than others but after some time of being upset & down, I learn as much as I can about this fall, and start taking steps to pick myself up (and if you need help doing it, ask for it, I know I have on plenty of occasions) and get back to business, whatever that may be currently.

Acknowledge. Express. Learn. Act. Repeat.

Straight From The Heart

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