Storytelling, The Common Denominator.

In light of my recent post about passion, coupled with the writing of my resume cover letter and subsequent discussions and insights thereafter, a question arose.

Could it be that my passion, lies in the act of storytelling?

Over the years I’ve noticed myself being drawn to and appreciating great storytellers, whether they’re stand up comics, vloggers, filmmakers, public speakers and so on.

So is that the common denominator that lies beneath the media experiments I’ve undertaken, whether text, pictures, audio or video?

Is it the also then the common denominator of projects I see myself wanting to explore when I look forward?

Do I continue to see myself telling stories, irrespective of the medium?

Yes. Yes I Do.

I want to tell stories.

No, not simply my own, but also stories I’m drawn to, empathise with or simply enjoy.

Now all that remains, is to tell stories.

But where to start?

This post was originally written in July 2017


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