Why start a blog?

Well I’ve been thinking about it for a while actually. Thinking of it as a means of expressing my thoughts out of my cluttered mind. Ever since I got sick I’ve felt that my mind has been slower, that it was lagging … It felt rusted. I thought going back to school, CPU, would restore my mind to full fitness, it helped but didn’t restore it. Then there’s Uni, which hasnt really helped, yet.
It’s been almost 2 years like this and it’s not been very nice or easy.
I recently realized that the culprit of my sluggishness could actually stem from the ideas, thoughts and opinions cluttered in my mind. Like how functionality in a messy room or disorganized working structure, would be greatly diminished. So, my hope and plan is that this blog and comments validly challenging my points (I appreciate and welcome constructive criticism most of the time) will further help mentally stimulate me.
Hence, why I would start a blog.

As can be expected, my initially posts will probably be messy and disorganized but I’ll work on it.

A lot of my posts will probably be based on thoughts, opinions and ideas regarding and/or from Fibromyalgia, Steve Jobs, Apple, Arsenal, Money, my favourite companies, books that I’ve read, my favorite brands etc.

Arkay6’s Thoughts #1


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