I keep telling people about this Fibro Fog that i experience almost everyday, but do they actually understand what I’m going through? The fog is one of the worst symptoms, second only to the fatigue.


Well, for starters my head almost always feels clouded and disoriented, it’s quite a numbing experience that makes me feel isolated from the world at times. I’ll be listening to you but I’ll probably only absorb 30% of what you just told me. Back to the numbness and isolation, the fog takes a lot out of living, the small details pass me by, people get irritated at me because it seems that I’m not listening to them (my sister tends to jump on this tangent) and that I’m self absorbed. It’s not that, it’s just that, well, i’m blurred out, zoned out… even as i write this post the Fog is really making it hard to put together a proper paragraph… my word recollection is bad, i forget things so easily (and please don’t tell me everyone experiences this, i know the difference), sometimes i cane walking to do something and on the way forget what i wanted to do… and even math has become difficult, things like adding 37 & 55 (without visual aids) can get difficult at times. Reading is difficult, which make studying difficult and so on. So i hope you can see my frustration, frustration… that’s where it all leads doesn’t it. all the above cause me to be frustrated then i get irritated then i get angry and that’s put me in prime position to explode at the wrong person at the wrong time at the wrong place…I’m not sure whether I’ve explained everything but you get the picture, and it’s not a pretty picture to say the least.

One of the reasons I wanted to start blogging was to help fight the Fog. So hopefully, in time i’ll be able to break through the cloud and see more of the light…

May the Force be with you, so that you may Live Long and Prosper.

Straight from the Heart,



7 thoughts on “iClouded

  1. The force is always with you Roshan. If with the fog and all that. you can write this way……I dont know what to say. I cant even wirite half like this witihout the fog…:(

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