I was listening to one of Robin Sharma‘s podcast when I heard this line:

Good Judgement comes from Experience, Experience comes from Mistakes and Mistakes come from Bad Judgement.

We have become a society that is so afraid of making mistakes, so much so that mistakes have become a taboo. This taboo has been ingrained deep into our subconscious which leads to the mentality that mistakes are just plain bad; that no good can come from mistakes; that life is meant to be mistake free and flawless. Now that,is wrong.

Being human means to make mistakes, we aren’t perfect and life, for damn sure, isn’t perfect as well. Problems will arise, mistakes will be made and yes there will be consequences but isn’t that all part of life… growth through learning, growth by gaining experience. We aren’t born with the ability to make the right decisions, we learn to do this but unfortunately there has been “babying” of the younger generation whereby parents spoon feed the “right” answer to children in an attempt to protect them. This may seem like a good idea, but there will come a time when the  “kids” will be on their own and need to make their own choices… and this leads back to the quote above. How does one make Good Judgement if one has a lack of Experience due to the Fear and Protection from Mistakes which stems from a deficiency of Bad Judgement during the crucial years of growing-up. Yes parents need to protect their children from making bad calls that will scar them for life, but they cannot go on to insure that the Kids live a mistake free, “Perfect” life. On another note, i am not saying that we should all make mistakes intentionally but that we should make the best decisions we can and do our best and if it doesn’t work out, learn from it, move forward and try again… only then will you be able to succeed and live in a world that isn’t All Rainbows and Butterflies. Life is tough, but mistakes need to be made to build independence; mistakes need to be made to ensure growth; mistakes need to be made to build Better Judgement.

And now, the more personal bit… what should I do?

I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and during the course of dealing with the FM i have;t made all the right calls, but I’m learning. I accepted that I need help and now I’ve got it. I stopped denying that I have a problem and I am going to face it, after all, facing problems is a part of life isn’t it. I learnt this by having to drop out of summer school, i made a call  of going to summer school, it didn’t turn out the way I planed  but at least it made me realize that I have to take a break and concentrate on fighting the FM. This whole situation could have been way worse… what if my parents didn’t understand? what if I didn’t have the mental strength to deal with all the BS over the years? What if i didn’t have the financial ability to deal with the problem? I guess there are ways that this could’ve been worse, but that doesn’t mean that my problem is any less of a problem, it just means it could have been worse?

So, this is a post from the Dr. Jekyll side. A little more Light side than Dark Side.

May the Force be with you so that you May Live Long and Prosper,

Straight from the Heart,


part of me feel that i may have lost track of what i was talking about…. comments anyone?


6 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. Buddy, life is never fair until you see something else thats worse of from what you are going through.we ll never be able to put ourselves in your shoes to feel the pain and all that you go through….but we are there for you. we feel u bro. I am proud of you, despite all the challeges since you were born….you have prevailed.
    we cannot ask for more from you.Its now your time, set your owm goals – not others, set your own time and pace- not what others expect or are doing. Take your time.
    Believe in GOD- Ganesha will show you the way,He will remove the obstacles.
    theres abundance of love around you,harness it and shield yourself from disappointments,build your dreams that matter to you and your future, not what the ego tells you to or what your parents want you to be.
    Bon jovi man….its my life and I am gonna live forever……
    Om Ganeshaya Namaha..

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