Onward Ho!


Birds flying high, you know how i feel.

I’m actually feeling good this morning, woke up relatively early and stayed up… didn’t go back to bed even though i had nothing to do and was tired. I took a step forward, which brings me to my point today. Keep Moving Forward.

Coincidentally, as i was writing this, an old friend of mine, Somaiah, mentioned this quote to me (via the miracle that is FB)

Life’s like a bicycle, you got to keep moving to keep your balance.

Makes a whole lot of sense if you think about it. Thanks Soms.

I have mentioned one more than one occasion that life is tough, that it’s full of challenges, that it isn’t all Rainbows and Butterflies. This Growth can only happen at a point of resistance… if the human race never faced problems or challenges… we’d either be extinct or still in caves but anyway…

the most important thing when it comes to life is Taking Action, being Proactive, Trying…. if you do not try, you will never know if you can succeed.

Going on, one step at a time… you should have a long term picture but don’t rush or jump around, take it a step at a time… I have realized that patience is the key to achieving my goals and that there’s no point rushing if it’s all just gonna fall apart… just like the construction of a building i have to make sure the foundation is strong, more specifically, over the next few months i’m going to have to adjust my diet and build habits and routines to minimize symptoms and strengthen my body and mind. I need to restart my sleep cycle among other things.

The fact is, I need to Keep Moving Forward, I need to keep taking that one additional step, no matter how small, because if i do all the small things right, big things will happen. No matter how small I need to make sure that every day I take one step towards what i want to achieve “tomorrow” and not give up… because it’s just that much harder to beat someone who won’t give up.

At the end of the day, Being Challenged in Life is Inevitable but being Defeated is Optional

Till the Next Time,

May the Force be with you so that you May Live Long and Prosper,

Straight from the Heart,


normally, if lines are in Italics, means that they’re quotes that I read somewhere. šŸ™‚ peace out



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