Waking Up Early & Sleeping Well


Good morning all, and what a wonderful morning it is. I’m sipping on my green tea,chilling at Starbucks listening to whatever chilling music it is that they are playing. But whatever it is, it feel like a great morning, don’t you think so?

Today’s post is a simple one, one very close to home for so many…waking up early and sleeping well.

I feel that waking up early is integral to feeling like a champion, yes it may be hard wake up, hard to fight the desire to sleep in, (normally its difficult because you’re not sleeping well) but the rewards of waking up early are so damn great.

It feels like I have more time, that by the time I’m done swimming, showering, eating breakfast, blogging, reading for at least an hour and running a few errands, it’s only 12pm, which feel great cause before, when I used to wake up at 10/11 the day used to feel so short because it’s normal to feel that the day has come to an end when it gets dark, it’s natural. I so prefer sleeping before 12, getting 8 hours of sleep and then getting up to the to greet the sun. Not only, is it normal, it feel great.

It’s incredibly important to get enough sleep, don’t skimp out on that, skimp on tv time, but don’t skimp on sleep. At least 8 hours. Some people are blessed in a way that they auto wake up after 6-7 hours of sleep and still feel like a million bucks, but that isn’t for everyone. Follow what you’re body is telling you, aim to sleep early so that you can wake u early. I learnt the incredibly hard way about the importance of sleep… Because one day, if you continue to skimp on sleep, work hard and party hard, your body will burn out… And that, won’t be good.

I’ve spent the last few years reviving myself from my premature burnout, please do yourself a favour and take care.

Balance is just so damn important.

We can all reach greatness but we won’t all do it at the same pace, know your body, know yourself, listen to your body and most important take time to have solid, straight, proper, restful sleep at night and then start the day early.

The most simple advise, something we all learn so early in life but then forget because we don’t give sleep the importance it truly deserves.





Moving on


Sometimes the cards we are dealt are not always fair. However you must keep smiling & moving on
Tom Jackson

Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.
Dave Mustaine

Moving on, so easy to talk about it but not so easy to actually do it, but it is an integral part of growing up and and growing into the best version of yourself.

Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting, it means being able to close a chapter or your life, whether it’s a mistake or a loss, and get on with the next phase. It means getting to the next step without holding back, without holding on to what was once and move towards what could be.

It means having the courage to face the world, to get out of your safe zone after the shit has hit the fan. To be able to say, “yea, I screwed up, but i’m not going to give up.”

“What don’t kill me can only make me stronger”

Is hard to move on, to let go of that that was once so sweet but then turned bitter, to let go of memories of great times, but if we decide to stay and hide amongst those good memories past, we will never be able to carve out memories.

As difficult as it is to move on from a rough patch, or mistake or bad phase or our lives, it’s even harder to move on from “reliving” the “Glory Days”. Being trapped in a vicious cycle of replaying a part of your life that was so great, it is living in a little comfortable dream and not letting yourself live what could be even better life. Living in an illusion that those were the best days and that you won’t get better ones, but how do you know you won’t get better days? Especially if you’re too busy watching replays and not out there trying to live life the best you can.

I’m not saying that you should forget shut the good old days, or forget about the bad times and mistakes; remember them, talk about them, reminisce, but don’t let it hold you back. It is all those parts that build who we become, learn from them, gain from them, appreciate the experience but don’t live your life wishing you had done things different, spending your days reliving good memories instead of making new ones, letting bad memories haunt you instead of learning from them.

Have a great day,

John Reynolds: Tommy, that’s a hundred thousand dollars on a goddam golf swing!

Thomas Crown: It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, John… What the hell else have we got to do?

Straight from the Heart,

Arkay 6

Keep Moving Forward




Onward Ho!


Birds flying high, you know how i feel.

I’m actually feeling good this morning, woke up relatively early and stayed up… didn’t go back to bed even though i had nothing to do and was tired. I took a step forward, which brings me to my point today. Keep Moving Forward.

Coincidentally, as i was writing this, an old friend of mine, Somaiah, mentioned this quote to me (via the miracle that is FB)

Life’s like a bicycle, you got to keep moving to keep your balance.

Makes a whole lot of sense if you think about it. Thanks Soms.

I have mentioned one more than one occasion that life is tough, that it’s full of challenges, that it isn’t all Rainbows and Butterflies. This Growth can only happen at a point of resistance… if the human race never faced problems or challenges… we’d either be extinct or still in caves but anyway…

the most important thing when it comes to life is Taking Action, being Proactive, Trying…. if you do not try, you will never know if you can succeed.

Going on, one step at a time… you should have a long term picture but don’t rush or jump around, take it a step at a time… I have realized that patience is the key to achieving my goals and that there’s no point rushing if it’s all just gonna fall apart… just like the construction of a building i have to make sure the foundation is strong, more specifically, over the next few months i’m going to have to adjust my diet and build habits and routines to minimize symptoms and strengthen my body and mind. I need to restart my sleep cycle among other things.

The fact is, I need to Keep Moving Forward, I need to keep taking that one additional step, no matter how small, because if i do all the small things right, big things will happen. No matter how small I need to make sure that every day I take one step towards what i want to achieve “tomorrow” and not give up… because it’s just that much harder to beat someone who won’t give up.

At the end of the day, Being Challenged in Life is Inevitable but being Defeated is Optional

Till the Next Time,

May the Force be with you so that you May Live Long and Prosper,

Straight from the Heart,


normally, if lines are in Italics, means that they’re quotes that I read somewhere. 🙂 peace out


My A-Team


Have you ever wondered whether the friends you have now will always be your friends. It so often happens that we consider friends that we’ve known for a couple of months to be “best friends”, “brothers” or “sisters” but really will it last? Well I think about it every so often cause there are people that I considered family to me but 2-3 years later, well it just doesn’t feel the same and that’s probably due to the distance. My parents told me that I’ll meet my friends-for-life (FFL) in uni, but I think may be that’s not entirely true anymore. Sure if you study in the same country but Now it’s so common for friends to leave the country after pre-u so that adds a new complication in the equation. it’s not the same now, we live in a “flat world” where we have friends and contacts all over the place, but I still believe that you need the actually physical contact at the foundation of a friendship to really be FFLs. Which brings me to my A-Team.

A crack commando unit that was separate by across the globe in efforts to get to the next level. They get together up to twice a year to rain terror on the pitches of FIFA and the maps of Halo in the PJ underground. Today, still chasing their education, they survive via Skype and Whatsapp. If any member has a problem, no matter rain or shine, as long as their phones are on ;), they will always have… The A-Team.

haha. It’s a first attempt, inspired by Vishal’s version, tell me what you think.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to these three gents, that probably know me the best on this planet. They’ve been in my life for the most part and they are more family to me than friends. Since we’ve had to go our separate ways it’s hasn’t been easy to keep in touch but once the we’re all together again it’s just like old times, as though P. Diddy told us to Pressed Play. I know they will always have my back and although they have their “driving me up the freaking wall” moments, I love em and I miss em.

I miss Vishal’s looniness.
I miss/missed Sidd’s bullshit.
I miss PG’s wit.
Among order things la.

This post doesn’t begin to scrape the surface of our brotherhood, ok maybe It does scrape the surface, and to link this with the first part of the post, I know you guys are definitely Friends For Life, I’d bet Giselle on it.

Signing off,
Col. John Hannibal Smith.