Waking Up Early & Sleeping Well


Good morning all, and what a wonderful morning it is. I’m sipping on my green tea,chilling at Starbucks listening to whatever chilling music it is that they are playing. But whatever it is, it feel like a great morning, don’t you think so?

Today’s post is a simple one, one very close to home for so many…waking up early and sleeping well.

I feel that waking up early is integral to feeling like a champion, yes it may be hard wake up, hard to fight the desire to sleep in, (normally its difficult because you’re not sleeping well) but the rewards of waking up early are so damn great.

It feels like I have more time, that by the time I’m done swimming, showering, eating breakfast, blogging, reading for at least an hour and running a few errands, it’s only 12pm, which feel great cause before, when I used to wake up at 10/11 the day used to feel so short because it’s normal to feel that the day has come to an end when it gets dark, it’s natural. I so prefer sleeping before 12, getting 8 hours of sleep and then getting up to the to greet the sun. Not only, is it normal, it feel great.

It’s incredibly important to get enough sleep, don’t skimp out on that, skimp on tv time, but don’t skimp on sleep. At least 8 hours. Some people are blessed in a way that they auto wake up after 6-7 hours of sleep and still feel like a million bucks, but that isn’t for everyone. Follow what you’re body is telling you, aim to sleep early so that you can wake u early. I learnt the incredibly hard way about the importance of sleep… Because one day, if you continue to skimp on sleep, work hard and party hard, your body will burn out… And that, won’t be good.

I’ve spent the last few years reviving myself from my premature burnout, please do yourself a favour and take care.

Balance is just so damn important.

We can all reach greatness but we won’t all do it at the same pace, know your body, know yourself, listen to your body and most important take time to have solid, straight, proper, restful sleep at night and then start the day early.

The most simple advise, something we all learn so early in life but then forget because we don’t give sleep the importance it truly deserves.






10 thoughts on “Waking Up Early & Sleeping Well

  1. Early to bed
    early to rise
    be healthy , wealthy and wise!
    what we often hear and take it for granted !
    i am happy to see that you are having the joys of the morning shining through!
    every morning I see my friends(hundreds of them) walking the beach fromas early as 5.30 am. and many stop to do to the Suryanamaskaram or worshipping the morning sun. Ayurvedic and Yoga practicioners always talk about morning suns rays as thera putic(no spell check) . Even babies with jaundice are “roasted ” in morning sun s rays as a cure!
    anyways I love to get up early as i feel God giving me extra time in a day!
    have a great one buddy.

  2. It’s truly lovely and refreshing to hear a young man talking about sleeping and waking up early; And enjoying it !!!

  3. Timely reminder Roshan.
    I like how you acknowledge different sleeping needs of individuals. Not all of us can survive on 6-7 hours, so there’s no harm in getting more not for the sake of sleeping, but because the body needs to recuperate.

  4. Hi Roshan,

    How wonderful it is to read this piece of very good advice. And yes, you are right when you encourage people to skimp on tv time and not on sleep time. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things that we can do to ourselves and for those who tell themselves that they will catch up on sleep during the weekends, you are truly kidding yourself. There is no such thing as “making up for lost sleep”. You have to make sure that day in and day out, as much as possible except for vacations, you sleep and get up around the same time to enable your body to feel rested.
    I also like the morning exercise bit…good for you!

    Hugs and love, aunty prema (aka hitler!!) – there are a lot of people with the same name as me!

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