Journaling @Journal: Keeping the Momentum

Good Afternoon guys,

I’m making a little change to my Sunday Blog, instead of Sunday Reflections i’m changing it now to Journaling @Journal. When journaling one does reflect so I thought it would be a nice change, plus I found this new place that I like and it’s called Journal. I cake here in the middle of the last week, and that’s when I thought about the title of Journaling @Journal and decided to switch Sunday Reflections with it. We’ll see how this goes.



Anyway, as the title suggests i’m at Journal Publika, with my iPad on my lap and my mocha just in front of me, thinking about the past week and reflecting. On a completely of topic point, I miss my Starbucks mocha, though the mochas at cafes like this are definitely more flavourful, they are so small! I miss my grande that costs me only 1.65 more than the mocha in front of me, but anyway back to my journaling @journal.

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can keep the momentum going, the week before was brilliant, full of exercise and early mornings and I felt great. Over the last week I’ve been feeling a little slower, and I know it’s due to the fact that I’ve had some late mornings, I’ve got to keep my discipline and keeping waking up early while getting enough sleep (I aim for 7/8 hours). I’ve started including a daily hours of academic study, which was really hard to initiate but I got it done by Just starting it, sitting down and reading my text book, yes it was only 30 minutes, but the next day it was easier and I got 45 minutes down and the day after that I did an hour without much fuss, so it’s just about beating gravity and gaining momentum to Keep Moving Forward. Keeping the momentum can be difficult in busty lives but we’ve got to be disciplined and have the will power, after 3 weeks of regular daily exercise, holy hours and studying it’ll be engrained into your daily system and you won’t have to think twice about why you’re doing it, when to do it or what to do…. It’ll be second nature. I just have to keep the momentum going, and the only way to keep it so it through discipline, will power and self control. Easier said than done, but it can be done.

I made a few mistakes the last week, as is the case with every week, but the key is to ensure that it ain’t the same mistakes happening over and over again.

Gotta keep the momentum going, gotta keep the exercise gearing, gotta keep the mornings early and gotta keep the knowledge flowing.

Straight From The Heart



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