Time in Nature

Good Afternoon readers,

I’m sitting in a nice arm chair, with a latte next to me and what was a glass of mocha, at this place called Journal by Plan B (loving this place), in this place called Publika and I love this place. It’s got a really good feel, very open, lots of natural light, great places to eat, chill, caffeinate and booze out. Specifically to Journal, it’s got good coffee, great food and a brilliant environment , feel and ambiance, though I wish the coffees came in bigger sizes, (cough grande cough).

When was the last time you spent some time in nature? I’ve got to tell you it has a great refreshing effect on you, well it did on me. I went for a walk this morning on this Kiara Trail, not the TTDI park, the one closer to KLGCC, and it was really nice. I was there at about 8:30 and the air was cool, crisp and so damn fresh. The sun was just nice and after a while I unplugged my iPhone and just focused on my surroundings. Feeling the air as I breathe it in, felt the cool air move brush passed me, heard the birds chirping/singing and the rustling of the leaves as the wind blew. It was such a calm environment, so damn good for my mind and my soul. The walk wasn’t exactly says, it goes up and down, but I came out not feeling tired, but feeling so damn refreshed.

Nature, do not underestimate its ability for whatever. It keeps us grounded and reminds us of the essence of life.

So spend some time regularly in nature, whether it’s once a week in a park full of trees, or a trail lined with greenery, it all counts. Just talk some time to put it into your day or at least your week. To calm down, to relax, refresh and renew for the next day/week. And hey, what have you got to lose? Go and try it out. A combination of nature and exercise is the ultimate way to start of your day, and keep the music away and focus on the walk, on the flora and the air. And hey, if you don’t love it, then maybe it ain’t your cuppa tea, but please give it a fair shot. Don’t multi task when you’re in nature, this is your ‘Me’ time, don’t use it for anything else but you, out the phone away, put the music away, and leave the distraction at the gate and enjoy the simple things in life, they tend to be able to bring the most amount of joy and pleasure.

Go find a green lung, a waterfall, a forest, a lake, whatever tickles your fancy and spend some time there daily or at least weekly.

Straight From The Heart


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