Overall Progress

Hey guys, how’s it going?
I’m back here at my current blogging HQ, Artisan Roast HQ in PJ. I love the fact that i don’t have to drive to Bangsar or Subang now to get myself a flat white, instead it’s now just a 5 minute drive down the road, ok, maybe a 7 minute drive, whatever, the point is that i have a great coffee place nearby.
It’s been quite a busy week, caught up with many of my old KDU friends last friday at Zouk (which was brilliant), had a little drama as well that ended pretty well and a couple of test in between, and of course METALLICA!!!!… all the while maintaining this neW rojak diet program that i’ve concocted. #willpower 😉
All in all, a very eventful week.
Anyway to today’s plot, in last weeks post, Why Do I Write?, i said that i would write/talk (been playing around with the idea of Youtube videos for my blog for peeps that prefer watching than reading… hmmm….) about what i meant by “Overall Progress”.
Sure, my phone habits are anything but perfect, I stray, but I have been making an effort to improve my communication etiquette and I do see results. My etiquette over the last 6 months has definitely improved, yes there is still plenty of room for improvement, but the fact is that I Am Moving Forward.
In this respect it is very important to understand the context of my writing, as mentioned above, a big part of it is about expressing the standards of living that i aim to live by. Therefore, in this context, it’s very important for me to ensure that i’m making progress, overall.
And if we compare it to last year, i’ve made a lot of Overall Progress.
Now what do i mean by “Overall Progress”.
I’ll leave that for next week
So… Why the “overall”?
Let me start with this line in The Great Gatsby that resonates with me quite often:
“My life has got to be like this, it’s got to keep going up.”
I agree with Gatsby, but i don’t believe in a ‘Life Line’ that is constant & straight, life is full of ups and downs which needs to be intergrate into the Life Line. The scale is up to you, monthly, yearly etc… So from this, we’ve now got a bunch of apparently random points which will form our respective Life Lines with Peaks and Downs that would illustrate our lives so far. Or how i look at life anyway.
What has this got to do with Overall Progress? I’m getting there.
See, progress isn’t a straight line up, it’s the line of best fit based on all the ups and down we’ve faced in our lives. As long as the ‘Life Line’ formed from the line of best fit shows an upward trajectory/trend/pattern, then we’re on a pretty good overall track which is based upon what we place value on in our lives, whether it is based on the state of our health, or careers, or family life.
Mine is based on a mixture of goals and achievements from health, academics, writing & social (family & friends), and looking at my Line of Best Fit, I’m definitely seeing positive results for myself.
Yea, it could be better but as long as i’m not stagnating, then i think i’m doing alright. i’ve just got to keep learning how to minimise the downtimes and maximise the peaks.
Remember, we’re human, we’re not Perfect ( i actually don’t believe in the concept of perfection, but i’ll get to that another time) we’re all a Work In Progress. We’re all always learning and thus always growing, just at diifferent rates and different ways.
As always, this has been Straight From The Heart.
Have a great week, I’ll catch you soon.
Roshan Arkay Kanesan

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