#RK3PO: Adapt & Move

Tomorrow is the day I go from #RK2PO to #RK3PO haha.
Midnight is nearing, which means I’ll have to start fasting for my #pacemaker replacement tomorrow.
Feeling ok, got really nervous when we checked in, got even more nervous when they told me I had to do a blood test, as history can testify to, blood tests and needles have been hated experiences which got worse with the #spoonie elements of heightened sensitivity and just pain everywhere,
But, the nurse here at #IJN was awesome and though the conscious effort to remain calm and not to tense up my left arm up really tired my out (my blood flows out slowly so it can take sometime, which makes the keeping calm & tolerating the pain bit tiring) she did better than almost all the other medical needle related experiences I’ve had. It hurt of course, but it was minimal comparatively.
Aside that things have been pretty chilled, I’m not looking forward to the needles they’re going to need to insert tomorrow the drip/IV but other than that things are pretty chill.
Dad’s here, the Fam & Aunty vim came and chilled for a while, just been watching tv, oh and also did some editing haha. Been catching up a lot on the backlog.
And now, I’m just thinking about life. How 10 years & 26 days ago, when i got my first #pacemaker, I thought my life would’ve so much more different at this point, and I’m now thinking about how things could be when I’m due for my next change haha.
Plans have been broken & smashed, I’m nowhere near where I thought i’d be but that doesn’t mean I should stop planning, just got to be ready to adapt when shit happens & #KeepMovingForward.
Tomorrow we initiate #RK3PO, looking forward to seeing how the journey to #RK4PO turns out. 
May the Force Be With You & #KMF.
#arkay2016 #arkayKMF #RoshanKanesan #arkayHealth 


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