31st July 1990; Before Surgery

31st July 1990; Before Surgery.
6 Month Old Me has no idea what’s going on & what’s about to happen. Look at him being all cute and shit haha. Ignorance truly is bliss.
Been thinking more & more about that, ever since the Kimmel monologue.

How lucky I am to… be as healthy as I am, trying to imagine what a crazy time it must’ve been for my folks, contemplating whether I’ll even have kids, out of the fear that they might get my health issues; i’m not sure if it’s hereditary, been too afraid to look it up and know conclusively, will deal with that later when the topic of children becomes more… relevant, whenever that is.
Anyway, decided that this week I’ll share 3 photos (including this one) from that time over the week alongside random thoughts like the above. Let’s see what these… writing cues bring about. =================================

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